Kindermusik Classes – Birth through age 7

“We love our classes! It’s not just for the kids. It’s my happy time, too.” – Katie, Kindermusik mom

Ready to see the joy in your child’s eyes as she sings, plays, and meets new friends? Excited to nurture his love of music and learning, cement your family bond, and see him thrive? Join our musical family and discover the magic.
Our unique Kindermusik Online Parent Guides and CDs for the car are included with your class and will help you take the joy of music with you — wherever you go. We even include make-up classes. Find your child’s age below and you’re on your way to creating a musical home. Prefer an intro class? Register here

  • Foundation and Level 1 – Birth to Two
  • We grow right along with your baby with TWO levels of classes. Our Foundation class is for your newborn/crawler and our level 1 class is for your bouncing, wobbling young toddler.Need some guidance? We’re here to help at Prefer an introductory class? Here it is.

    “We love how music has entered our home and become such a central part of our lives”

    – Kindermusik mama

    Infants / Birth though 12 months

    Weekly 45 minute “Cuddle and Bounce” class with a caregiver

    56.00 per monthly installment

    • Gentle musical moments shared with a loving grown-up
    • Joyful bonding time as you nurture your relationship with song
    • Time to cherish this first year and set the foundation for a musical life
    • Support for parents as you share milestones and miracles with new friends

    2017-18 School Year Session


    For Young walking Toddlers over 12 months
    (appropriate for babies through age two)

    Weekly 45 minute “Sing and Play” class with a caregiver

    56.00 per monthly installment

    • Music becomes a vehicle for discovering the big and beautiful world
    • Singing, playing, and moving together strengthens your family bond
    • Adding music to your lives makes parenting easier and enhances your family culture
    • Music class is a joyful place where you are supported and your growing child is celebrated

    2017-18 School Year Session

    Prefer an introductory class? You can register for that right here.

  • Level 2 – ages approx. 2-3
  • Select your “Wiggle and Grow” class below. Need some guidance? We’re here to help you select the perfect class at Prefer an introductory class?Choose that here.

    “Kindermusik reminds me of all the connecting activities I read about, but forget to do. I do them here and then I remember to do them at home!”

    Lillith – Kindermusik mama

    For 2s and 3s (may begin at 18 months)
    Weekly 30 minute “Wiggle and Grow” class with a caregiver
    54.00 per monthly installment

    • You’ll find that our busy, action packed musical play expands your child’s world
    • Creative time together brings a spirit of joy and closeness to your family
    • Connecting with other kids and families creates a circle of friendship where everyone is welcome
    • Music becomes a lifestyle for your family while improving language, listening and social skills

    Enjoy concurrent pre-school/toddler classes — drop your pre-schooler off at his/her Kindermusik Laugh and Learn or Move and Groove class and then attend Wiggle and Growclass with your toddler. Two kids, one trip to the studio. Perfect! Subsequent siblings receive a 10% discount.

    2017-18 School Year Session

  • Levels 3 and 4 – ages 3-6 / two choices!
  • The perfect place for your preschooler to shine! Not sure if your child is ready to begin a big kid class on her own? She’s welcome to stay with you in the toddler class and then begin Laugh and Learn around age 3 1/2. We’ll move her up when she’s ready. Need some guidance in making your decision? We’re here to help at Prefer an Introductory class? Select it here.

    “I have seen the growth in my son’s development from the very beginning, both in his learning skills and his socialization. Now that he is a bit older and I no longer attend class with him, it is fun to see him come home with new songs, ideas, dances, etc., that he has learned in class. And he retains what he learns, which gives him a sense of pride and accomplishment.” – Natalie – Kindermusik mom

    Ages 3 or 3 1/2 to 5
    Weekly 45 minute “Laugh and Learn” class – parents join the last few minutes of each class
    56.00 per monthly installment

    • Children learn to focus and practice being part of a group in a safe, loving place where each personality is celebrated and welcomed
    • Creative and imaginative play jumpstart learning and build brains
    • High quality music experience prepares children to be better all-around learners and sparks musicianship
    • Singing becomes a natural language and a catalyst for joy
    • Coming to class on their own promotes friendships and builds self-confidence
    • You’ll continue to develop a stronger bond with your little one as you join him or her for the last few minutes of each class

    **Enjoy select concurrent pre-school/toddler classes. Drop your pre-schooler off at his or her Laugh and Learn or Move and Groove class and attend Wiggle and Grow class with your toddler. Two kids, one trip to the studio. The second child receives a 10% discount.

    2017-2018 School Year Session

    For 4 and 5 year olds
    Weekly 45 minute “Move and Groove” class – parents join the last few minutes of each class
    56.00 per monthly installment

    A beautiful extension of our Laugh and Learn class just for our older preschoolers. We include keyboard exploration in every class for more music and more growth. Your child will thrive as we lay the foundation for instrument play, tune her ear and help him become a better all-around learner. We help prepare your young child for the entrance to Kindergarten and lay the groundwork for our instrument and piano-prep class. All while nurturing a natural love of music and imagination.

  • Level 5 – Young Musicians ages 5-7
  • You’ll see your young musician thrive in our 2 year piano-prep class where he will learn the rudiments of music in an exciting, appropriate way. No need to push ahead too quickly. Let’s whet her appetite while giving her the tools and foundation to shine! Ready to enroll? Choose your class below. Wondering if your budding musician is ready for Young Child? We’re here to help at

    “I give YOU tons of credit for preparing these sweeties for formal lessons. I see an enormous difference in the children who have been through Kindermusik and those who have not.”

    -Lana Burke, voice and piano teacher

    Ages 5 to 7 – Kindergarten and First Grade age
    Weekly 60 minute “Kindermusik for the Young Child” class – grown-ups join us the last ten minutes
    Tuition 60.00 per monthly installment
    Materials billed separately twice yearly (see below)

    • The BEST Piano prep class – teachers love kids prepared by our remarkable curriculum as they are well versed in musical terminology, understand note value and placement, but most importantly, they are excited about music and primed for success
    • Kindermusk kids develop confidence as they begin to sing on pitch, learn to notate and play 3 instruments (glockenspiel, dulcimer, recorder)
    • Listening skills improve, focus and attention are maximized and these skills carry over into school
    • Children begin to read and write music – it becomes a familiar and much-loved language for life
    • Their world expands as we study instrument families, musical genres, composers and attend the Utah Symphony together during year 2

    Year 1 – Kindergarten Age

    **Year 1 students are typically Kindergarten age.
    Year 1 of Kindermusik for the Young Child opens the world to new and different ways of learning about music. The focus and content includes – beat versus no beat, percussion instruments, brass instruments, melodic direction, exploring the staff, and notation. We also introduce the glockenspiel, a pre-keyboard instrument. Children are delighted to receive this beautiful instrument to use at home and in class. We will expand our musical skills with a focus on piano/forte, crescendo/decrescendo, and legato/staccato. We will discover the woodwind and string families, study a bit of Beethoven and enjoy learning about “Peter and the Wolf.

    2017-2018 School Year Session

    Kindermusik@Home Materials include:

    Materials fees: billed in September 70.00 and January 45.00.
    Young Child Carry Bag (received Year 1 and used both years), Folders, Workbooks and Stickers, Weekly “Music at Home” cards, Games Bags and various manipulatives, Family Songbooks, CDs, and music downloads. Instruments: Glockenspiel (Year 1), Dulcimer and Recorder (Year 2).

    Year 2 – 1st Grade Age

    **Year 2 students are typically first grade age with some younger students who have completed Year 1. First grade students who have not completed Year 1 are welcome to join us for Year 2, noting that there will be an additional charge for a glockenspiel.

    “I love that Kindermusik gives the kiddos such a great foundation in a fun, interactive and loving environment! My son will be ready for the transition to piano when he finishes Young Child.”

    Patty Hamel – Kindermusik mom and piano teacher

    In Year 2, children are delighted to learn more about stringed instruments with an introduction to their very own two-string dulcimers. Other musical concepts taught include call and response, improvisation, meter, notation, and a touch of Tchaikovsky. Themes include “Music of Appalachia”, “Music of the Sea”, and “Native American Music”. During the second half of our year together we will explore the sounds of wind instruments and learn to play our own recorders. We will learn about verse/refrain, solos/chorus, and musical form as we review notation, rhythms, the treble clef and the c-major scale. We will take a field trip to Abravanel Hall with Ms. Carol and friends to attend the symphony. We end the year with our traditional graduation and Kindermusik Fiesta.

    2017-2018 School Year Session

    Kindermusik@Home Materials include:

    Materials fees: billed in September 70.00 and January 45.00.
    Young Child Carry Bag (received Year 1 and used both years), Folders, Workbooks and Stickers, Weekly “Music at Home” cards, Games Bags and various manipulatives, Family Songbooks, CDs, and music downloads. Glockenspiel (Year 1), Dulcimer and Recorder (Year 2).

  • Mixed Age Family Class
  • “Family Class has been great for us. My two boys love coming to their class, where they can socialize but still have each other nearby. They have so much fun together. And as a busy mom, I love that I can give them both this experience without over-scheduling our family! Kindermusik’s Family Class is real quality time.” Kyrenia- Kindermusik mama

    Wiggle and Grow for families brings your whole family to the music. Enjoy singing, dancing and playing together while strengthening your family bond. Want to bring just one child? Great! This multi-age class will provide playmates and enrichment for your little one. You’ll be able to take the music wherever your family goes with our delightful Kindermusik@Home Parent Guides featuring music downloads, ebooks, activities and more. Music and families — the perfect combination.
    First child is 54.00. Second and third children are 34.00 and 24.00 respectively. Babies under 6 months are welcome at no cost.

    2017-18 School Year Session