A Song in Your Heart

Meet the JOY Team

We like to call everyone that works here at Song of the Heart Studios our JOY Team. While we’re busy teaching your children’s little brains and bodies, our mission is to bring you developmental benefits with a healthy dose of … Continue reading

Babble On . . . It Benefits Baby!

If the hours of cute baby footage on YouTube are any indication, watching a baby babble is a pretty solid form of entertainment. Just check out one of the hundreds of videos with titles like “cutest baby babble videos ever,” … Continue reading


Neuromusicology. Ever heard of it? It is the scientific study of the effects of music on the brain. We musicians and music educators have long had anecdotal evidence of the benefits of musical study on cognitive functioning, but we are … Continue reading

I Love You Rituals

The last two weeks we have started incorporating I Love You Rituals in our classes. We LOVE these rituals as they perfectly align with Kindermusik’s child-development centered curriculum and our mission here at Song of the Heart Studios. Not only do … Continue reading

Routines & Rituals

Have you noticed that our Kindermusik classes always start and end the same way? Even sprinkled throughout the class are little rituals and cues that give your child an expectation of what to do next. This is intentional. You’ll find … Continue reading

Jump into Joy!

Welcome back! We’ve kicked things off this week with a bang. And we are bursting at the seams with fresh energy and excitement. The office has been buzzing with new families enrolling (we welcomed our 350th student this week!), the … Continue reading

Ready, Set, SING!

Here at Song of the Heart Studios we never stop working our hearts out to bring you the best educational musical experience for your children. Summermusik may be over, but we have been working behind the scenes to get ready … Continue reading

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

The old-time melody “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” evokes images of small town festivals, parades, popsicles, watermelon, and corn on the cob. It reminds us of our childhoods spent running through sprinklers and playing night games with the neighbor … Continue reading

“Summer Slide”: What You Should Know

Water slide, playground slide, Slip N Slide…nothing more perfectly conjures the feeling of summer fun and freedom. The smiles, the giggles, the breeze whipping through wild hair… But for some parents, summer slide invokes less positive feelings. That’s because the … Continue reading

Swingin’ Summermusik

Summermusik is in full swing here at Song of the Heart Studios! Every day we sing, play, craft, dance, and build friendships. We make joyful sounds and movements as we imagine we are on a beach, or go hunting for … Continue reading