A Song in Your Heart

Family – Grow Your Bond With Kindermusik

Our FAMILY is at the beach this week. 24 people in one giant beach house to celebrate a 90th birthday, an 88th birthday and 65 years of marriage for the two birthday kids. We’re singing, we’re dancing, we’re surfing, we’re laughing, … Continue reading

Can Music Help that Back to School Angst?

Whether it’s a first-time experience of going to school or having to say goodbye to an older sibling going to school, change – as exciting as it may be – can also be unsettling for a child. Once-predictable routines are … Continue reading

The Music of the USA

Love American music? So do we. Did you know the tune to our national anthem comes from a Tavern Song? Really! Here is a fascinating look at the history and development of music in our country. From songs of the … Continue reading

It’s Science!

While those of us “in the know” – musicians of all types – have always understood that music has positive health benefits for us, it’s not common knowledge. Dr. Boyle shares research with us that explains how the magical art … Continue reading

Stand With Arms Wide Open

My heart was both broken and mended today. An old friend stopped by my table at a restaurant. A beautiful, funny, warm soul whom I’ve known since early childhood. We played with Barbies together, climbed into (and fell out of) … Continue reading

Wear a Pair and Share a Pair Week!

We are celebrating giving at Song of the Heart Studios this week. Our Kindermusik kids (and a few of their grown-ups!) are wearing their pjs to class and bringing a new pair to share with the families who are lucky … Continue reading

Kindermusik Creates Connection

Anything that promotes connection among families is right up our alley. Connection creates cooperation (we could all use a little more of that) AND it creates closer families. Music activities do this in such a beautiful and natural way. Whether … Continue reading

A Good Beginning Never Ends

One of the best parts of living in Utah is our experience with four distinct seasons. Yeah, maybe the winter goes on longer than I’d like and the spring can sometimes be very short. But the seasons we have remind … Continue reading

The Emotional Requirements of Parenthood

“One forgets about parenthood. The on and on-ness of it.” –Violet, the Dowager Countess. I know I’m a little late to the game, but I’ve been catching up on Downton Abbey before too many spoilers unwittingly come my way. We know Maggie … Continue reading

I Choose Long Division

This little exchange from Mr. Holland’s Opus has been running through my head this week: Principal: Each school in the district has been asked to submit proposals on ways of reducing costs by 10% in September. This is what I’ve … Continue reading