A Song in Your Heart

Connection During Covid: Music Making Brings Us Together

During this time where we are more distant than we would like from our friends and loved ones, connection has become ever more important. Many of us are suffering from lack of connection from sources we used to rely upon. … Continue reading

The Urgency of Embracing Diversity in Early Childhood

By Sarah Farzam The first seven years of childhood development are the most critical, and set so many things in motion for the future. However, development extends far beyond literacy and motor skills. Early cognitive strides include some pretty deep … Continue reading

Music: A Bridge Over Cultural Divides

Frustration, anger, division, sorrow, shock, anguish. These are the things we are seeing in the news, in our social media, in our neighborhoods, in our families. To varying degrees we are all affected by current events and the social climate. … Continue reading

Celebration in a Time of Pandemic

We’ve ALL been working hard to maintain routine and normalcy during these decidedly not normal times. Things are uncertain, life has slowed down, but the responsibilities we have to our children remain. And our children’s accomplishments and milestones are still … Continue reading

The Power of Attention

What you pay attention to you get more of. We learn this from Conscious Discipline and behavioral studies. Positive attention to positive behaviors will give you more of those positive behaviors. Negative attention to negative behaviors will give you more … Continue reading

Beat Back the Stress With a Sound Bath

We’ve been at this social isolation thing for well over a month now. Admittedly, those first couple of weeks were the hardest. No matter your circumstances, you have been affected by this crazy time we are living through. There have … Continue reading

7 Ways to Make Musical Moments at Home

Schools are closing. Restaurants are closing. But there’s a silver lining! You can make de-stressing, beneficial musical moments at home with your family. Here are some suggestions on how to keep those little ones busy and how to make the … Continue reading

Striving for Normalcy: Kindermusik at Home

How are you? Are you going stir-crazy? Are you feeling anxious? Are you having trouble managing the physical, social, and emotional needs of yourself and your family? We get it. We’re feeling the same way! All our normal routines are … Continue reading

Music Boosts Executive Function in Kids

Executive Function. That sounds like a skill set a major CEO possesses, right? The term executive function refers to a set of skills that are essential to the healthy development of young children and that lead to an overall healthier life. … Continue reading

Survival of the Nurtured

“We are not the survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured.” ~Louis Cozolino Did you just get chills? Read that again: “We are not survival of the fittest, we are the survival of the nurtured.” When … Continue reading